Customer management software for small business

The best customer management software for small business

When you’re spending too much time keeping track of customers and managing client communications, it may be time to consider a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The right customer management software for small business will automate many of the tasks involved in staying in touch with customers and following up with clients on a regular basis. Superior small business CRM software offers added benefits like managing your social media profiles more easily and helping to keep your appointment calendar filled.

Choosing the right customer management software for your small business can be a challenge, however, there are tons of options on the market, each offering different capabilities. The best solutions will integrate easily with your existing technologies, so you don’t have to start building your base of contacts from scratch. Your customer relationship software should offer custom fields that let you can track and manage client relationships your own way. Segmenting your customers into groups should be simple, making it easy to personalize customer communications. A mobile app is helpful if business keeps you away from the office during the day, and integrated marketing automation technology will let you seamlessly move from tracking interactions to sending the right message at the right time.

Thryv offers customer management software for small businesses that delivers all the tools and functionality you need to build better customer relationships. As part of a do-it-all package, Thryv’s small business CRM solutions integrate easily with tools for marketing, social media, communications, scheduling, invoicing, payments and more, helping you to keep things organized and run your business more efficiently.

How customer management software can help you grow your business

Superior customer management software for small business offers a bunch of advantages over tracking customers with spreadsheets and written notes.

Define your target customer
Your CRM system is a great source of information on what your customers have purchased in the past, and what you might convince them to buy in the future. By analyzing real data about customer behavior and history, you can better define a variety of target customers and segments, tailoring messages and offers to win their repeat business and increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Enhance customer satisfaction
With all your customer data organized in one place, you can more easily record notes about individuals that will help deliver a more personal experience that results in higher customer satisfaction.

Boost retention
Your CRM system can help you retain customers by making it easier to send automated messages like appointment reminders, birthday greetings, post-purchase surveys or weekly and monthly specials geared to the interest of each customer.

Test marketing campaigns
Customer management software for small business should make it easy to segment your customers in ways that lets you easily test different marketing campaigns. By varying messages, offers, promotions and timing, you can discover what marketing tactics work best with each customer segment.

Simplify communication
The best CRM systems combine all the tools you need to keep track of customers and automate communication with them. From drafting emails and texts that appeal to each customer segment to scheduling messages days, weeks or months in advance, the right customer management software for small business can help you increase marketing savvy while reducing the time and effort required to manage communications.

Customer management software for small business from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform that delivers everything you need to manage your business more easily and efficiently. From a single dashboard, you can build your business listings online, automate marketing, enhance your social media presence, improve customer communication, store and share documents easily, invoice clients, accept payments and protect your online reputation.

Thryv’s customer management software for small business provides features and tools to help you build stronger relationships while minimizing time and effort.

A custom view of clients
Keep all your customer data in one place, using custom fields to tailor to the way you find, filter, tag and track your contacts. Thryv makes it easy to organize customer relationships in ways that make sense to you and your business.

Automated messages
Nurture leads and opportunities with automated communications that help you send the right message at the right time to the right customer. Thryv’s customer management software for small business helps you determine the best times to reach customers and what messages will engage them most effectively.

A dedicated client portal
Provide customers with an online portal where they can login to send messages, schedule appointments, make payments and share documents easily and securely. A dedicated portal helps to build loyalty and simplify your interactions with customers.

Data enrichment
Rely on Thryv’s automatic data enrichment tools to update customer information with data pulled from social profiles, photos and other public sources on the web. The more you understand about each customer, the better you can personalize your interactions with them.

Additional solutions from Thryv

Thryv offers lots of additional tools for simplifying tasks and automating processes throughout your business.

  • Synchronize your business information across 40+ listing sites – including Google Business Profile – with Thryv’s tools for building your online presence. Providing more information to online listings sites makes it easier for customers to find you, book your services, buy your products and review your business online.
  • Empower customers to go online anytime, day or night, to book or request appointments with automated appointment booking software.
  • Set up trigger-based marketing campaigns with Thryv’s marketing automation technology. Build campaigns that automatically send a series of texts and emails or one-off messages to the right audiences at the best times.
  • Issue estimates and invoices from the field with Thryv’s invoicing software. Give customers more payment options online so you can get paid faster than ever before.
  • Take control of your reputation online with Thryv’s reputation management solutions. Generate more five-star reviews by asking customers for reviews at the right time and responding to comments from a single dashboard.
  • Stay in touch with Thryv’s communications tools, interacting with customers on their preferred channel – text, email, social and more – while viewing messages from a single inbox.
  • Create and post social media content from a single location with Thryv’s social tools, posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with just a few clicks. Create content in advance and schedule it to be posted at times and on the channels you choose.
  • Upgrade your online presence with tools that show you how to build a business website, or let Thryv’s designer build a professional site for you.

Why choose Thryv?

Offering a single platform with comprehensive solutions for small business, Thryv lets business owners forget about managing technology and get back to running their businesses. With one login and one dashboard, small business users can manage virtually every aspect of the business more efficiently and effectively.

Along with powerful tools for small businesses, Thryv offers many free features such as an online experience scan, a payment processing calculator, a review link generator and an invoice template. A free mobile app puts all Thryv’s tools at your fingertips via a smart phone or tablet, no matter where you go. As a cloud-based solution, Thryv scales easily to accommodate additional employees, locations, products and services while offering a predictable monthly expense.

Customer management software for small business FAQs

Your customer management software for small business questions, answered.

What is customer management software for small business?

Customer relationship management software, or CRM software, helps small businesses keep track of customers and customer communications more easily. Superior customer management software for small business provides a central place where customer data can be stored and used by other business solutions for invoicing, marketing, communications, scheduling and reputation management.

What are the benefits of customer management software?

Customer management software helps small businesses nurture customer relationships while minimizing the time and effort required to communicate and track customers.