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List My App

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We designed Thryv to help small business owners succeed. Here’s what we’re looking for from App Market referral partners.

You share our mission.

You share our belief that small businesses deserve powerful technology.

You love simple software.

Your app doesn’t take a team of geniuses to use.

You’re ready to go.

You don’t need API access. You simply have software that works and want to be displayed in Thryv’s App Market.

Why referral partners love Thryv’s App Market

Visibility with small business clients

More than 40,000 small business owners trust Thryv to run their businesses. Gain visibility for your software with these clients and more.

Growth, for you and your app

Drive new business to your software because it can work alongside Thryv.

Easy to join

All we need is your preferred logo and some information about your app. We do the rest to get you in front of eager business owners.

Become an app referral partner today.

And watch your technology Thryv.