While many people may view the print and Internet Yellow Pages as outdated or ineffective, recent studies show that consumers use Yellow Pages and search engines more than any other source to locate local businesses. In fact, the Local Search Association has discovered that consumers find print and online Yellow Pages so helpful that these media outpace others such as social networks, magazines, newspapers, and promotional emails. Here are a few highlights that show the true value of Yellow Pages advertising:

Yellow Pages Are the Most Popular Go-to Source for Consumers

Research shows that 33 percent of adults use print Yellow Pages and 21 percent use Internet Yellow Pages in an average week, and when it comes to shopping locally, both Internet and print Yellow Pages are the most useful resource for consumers.1 Not only do consumers say that Yellow Pages are the most trusted and accurate source they choose first when searching for information about local businesses, but they also rate online and print Yellow Pages “best in class” for helping them find all the information they need.

Consumers Make More Purchases with Yellow Pages

One major discovery that the Local Search Association’s recent study has made is that people who use print and Internet Yellow Pages typically have the most money to spend, which means they are more likely to make a purchase when they contact local business owners. In fact, this research shows that eight out of ten (78 percent of) Yellow Pages searches result in a purchase or intent to purchase a local service or product.2

Print and Internet Yellow Pages are the most trusted source for consumers looking to purchase a service or product from a local business. According to the Local Media Tracking Study performed by the Local Search Association, both forms of Yellow Pages advertising reached 60 percent of adult consumers in the past month, a 10 percent increase from 2010.3 While some people may think that Yellow Pages usage has declined drastically in recent years, statistics actually show that more consumers than ever use these media to search for the services and products they need.

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