As more people switch to mobile devices that allow them to handle all aspects of communication with a single handheld device, Yellow Pages companies have developed mobile apps that allow consumers to find everything they want to know about products and services from local businesses. A recent analysis from the Local Search Association focused on core mobile usage behaviors has recently indicated that consumers use their mobile devices more than ever to search for local content on maps, weather, traffic, retail stores, and other local businesses.

Why Yellow Pages Mobile Phone Apps?

According to the Local Search Association’s study of mobile usage behaviors, 77.1 million mobile subscribers—56 percent of respondents—accessed local content on a mobile device in January 2011. (This is an increase of 34 percent from the previous year.)1 This significant growth in local searches via apps on mobile devices has given local businesses the perfect opportunity to engage with potential customers who are on the go. However, while app use for mobile local content has increased substantially, searches using mobile browsers dropped 3 percent from last year, and local content via SMS text messaging dropped 14 percent.2

Tablets Enter the App Market

In addition to Yellow Pages mobile phone apps, tablets, which are personal and portable computers that fall somewhere between a smartphone and laptop, have also opened doors for consumers who want to use Internet Yellow Pages. Tablets transform the online world into a portable and interactive medium. Not only is the Internet experience different on a tablet, but it also takes engagement to an all-new level by giving consumers the option to use apps. Internet Yellow Pages is a great example of how tablets allow consumers to search for local products and services in a new way while simultaneously providing local businesses with new leads.

For both Yellow Pages companies and consumers, Yellow Pages mobile phone apps and apps available on tablets bring all the advantages of traditional Yellow Pages to an interactive and portable format, while once more offering local businesses the chance to reach as many consumers as possible.

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