One of the myths that has recently cycled about print Yellow Pages (PYP) is that they pollute the environment. However, recent research from the Local Search Association, recently the Yellow Pages Association, indicates otherwise. In fact, the Yellow Pages industry actually has quite a long history of environmental responsibility, and PYP publishers are currently taking steps to promote recycling programs. Following are a few ways that PYP benefit the environment:

PYP Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Promoting Recycling

One of the main ways in which PYP show their eco-friendly side is by helping you reduce your carbon footprint. The Local Search Association has collaborated with many players in the PYP industry to promote print directory recycling by:

  • Letting consumers know how to recycle directories most efficiently
  • Supporting recycling efforts nationwide
  • Working with private, government, and non-governmental agencies to both encourage and expand opportunities for recycling
  • Launching a Sustainability Committee this year to help Yellow Pages publishers develop even more environmentally sustainable business practices

PYP Represent a Small Percentage of Overall Waste

Thanks to the YP industry’s efforts to promote local recycling, PYP now only represent 0.3 percent of the municipal solid waste stream. This is significantly less waste than newspapers (3.2 percent) and office paper (2.2 percent) produce.1 In fact, these efforts have recently increased directory recycling to 36.9 percent, up from 21.4 percent last year. Additionally, the demand for directory paper decreased 8.1 percent in 2010 and has gone down nearly 35 percent since 2007.2 For consumers who want to reduce the number of print directories they receive or stop directory delivery completely, SuperMedia has made it easy to do this Yellow Pages Opt Out.

While the Yellow Pages have recently undergone scrutiny because of the myth that PYP are not environmentally friendly, all the recent study results from reliable sources like the Local Search Association are making it more difficult for even the harshest critics to argue with their findings. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing the number of print directories you receive or simply want to learn about efficient ways to recycle old directories, visiting Yellow Pages Opt Out can provide you with all the information you need.

1Municipal Solid Waste in the United States, 2009 Facts and Figures, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

2YPA’s Neg Norton: Recycling Print Directories in a Digital Age

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