For many people, taking steps to “go green” is extremely important, since doing so not only benefits the environment, but also helps manufacturers create more products out of fewer raw materials. As part of this movement, some people have recently been concerned that Yellow Pages directories waste natural resources such as trees. However, a recent study from the Local Search Association, formerly the Yellow Pages Association, has shown that Yellow Pages help you go green instead. Following are a few ways that receiving Yellow Pages directories can actually help you live a greener lifestyle:

The Beginning of Environmental Sustainability

In 2007, the Local Search Association began to develop a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Yellow Pages directories. This assessment indicates which areas are the most important in the life cycle of a phone directory, from production to delivery to consumer usage to directory disposal. After consulting with national environmental organizations and government agencies to determine how the directory industry could help publishers reduce their carbon footprint, the Local Search Association developed a series of guidelines that publishers can follow to produce more eco-friendly directories.

Yellow Pages Help You Go Green by Reducing Resources

One of the main guidelines for producing environmentally friendly Yellow Pages directories is reducing the number of natural resources used during production. For example, several Yellow Pages publishers, including SuperMedia, have started using software programs that allow them to expand a page’s margins and reduce the number of pages necessary for the directory. Additionally, you can opt out of receiving a paper directory entirely by visiting SuperMedia’s website; instead, you can choose to receive a digital directory.

Yellow Pages Help You Go Green by Using Recycled Materials

Another way that modern Yellow Pages help you go green is by using recycled materials and non-toxic inks, dyes, and glues during the production process. SuperMedia accomplishes this by printing directories on paper containing as much as 40 percent post-consumer recycled paper, as well as by using eco-friendly paper content from lumber waste such as wood chips and pulp.1

When you use a SuperPages directory, you can rest assured that you are actually benefiting the environment by using recycled materials that promote recycling and the sustainability of natural resources. For more details regarding how Yellow Pages help you go green, visit – Social Responsibility.

1SuperMedia Environmental Sustainability

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