The Local Search Association, formerly known as the Yellow Pages Association, is the largest trade organization of print, digital, mobile, and social media that helps local businesses find consumers who are ready to make a purchase. The Local Search Association has members in 29 countries, and these members include U.S. and international Yellow Pages companies, search engines, online listing and review sites, digital advertising agencies, and various mobile search providers.

The Local Search Association’s Mission Statement and Members

The Local Search Association’s ultimate goal is to lead, serve, grow, and advocate for the Yellow Pages industry. It includes board member companies such as SuperMedia, Local Insight Media, DexOne, DAC Group, AT&T Advertising Solutions, Wahlstrom, Telemetrics, Nationwide Media, Yellow Pages Group, and Marquette Group.

SuperMedia and the Local Search Association

The Local Search Association recently recognized SuperMedia as one of the major Yellow Pages companies that is taking measures to address sustainability and consumer choice issues. Here are some of the initiatives that SuperMedia is taking:

  • Providing information on directory covers regarding ways that consumers can opt-out of delivery online or by phone
  • Becoming one of the first Yellow Pages publishers to sign the Local Search Association’s and the Association of Directory Publishers’ Joint Environmental Guidelines, which highlights SuperMedia’s commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Maintaining an Environmental Sustainability website with information on how the company uses recycled paper for its directories, as well as its efforts to reduce the amount of paper used in the directories
  • Using wood chips and other by-products of lumber and wood-based materials as the primary sources of fiber in directory paper
  • Abstaining from cutting down new trees to produce directory paper
  • Making directories completely recyclable and using eco-friendly, biodegradable inks and dyes

The Local Search Association is the largest media trade organization and aims to help small business owners attract customers who want to make a purchase. This non-profit organization accomplishes this not only by collaborating with some of the major industry leaders, but also by conducting studies that prove the usefulness of Yellow Pages advertising.

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