Employing people overseas can present challenges, but some business owners have embraced the challenges and are making it work. “It’s a lot of fun working this way,” says Ralph Dandrea, chief executive and creator of ITX Corporation. He is one of many business owners who have found that working and hiring overseas has benefits.

A few of these benefits include lower office overheads and salaries in some cases, but as Dandrea admits, “There are always challenges.” ITX Corporation employs 72 workers in South America (out of the total 128 full-time employees). A majority, 69 of them, live in Argentina, and that is where Dandrea hired his first overseas employees. When he was looking for I.T. professionals in 1998, the height of the technology boom, Mr. Dandrea had trouble finding the right candidates. Through research he found some underemployed but gifted I.T. professionals in Argentina and was surprised when he received “81 really qualified résumés.”

Another example is chief executive Kuty Shalev of Clevertech, which he also founded. His business builds personal applications and software for various companies such as financial businesses, start-ups, and wholesale distributors. Clevertech is located in Woodmere, NY, but employs people in India, Israel, Moldova, Pakistan, and Ukraine. He learned to empathize with the different cultures that he has encountered, giving forethought to things such as differing religious practices. Shalev has also had to deal with blackouts in some countries, even going as far as to purchase backup generators.

What he has found is that it can be very hard to connect with all his employees. He began using a program from TechSmith, Jing, which helps to “make it visual.” The program makes it easy for employees to partake in social media, sharing photos, videos, even screen shots. Shalev states, “Everyone can understand a photo or video much better than listening to words…That’s even true with staff and clients in the U.S.”

Dandrea and Shalev both agree: Though it is hard to take yourself off the clock, they find it difficult to not stay up when their overseas employees are just coming on. But overall, Mr. Dandrea enjoys “working virtually” and gaining “access to so much more talent” with multinational employees.


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