Customer Service TweetsHaving difficulty seeing how Twitter could possibly benefit your business? Think only the big brands or celebrities can get value out of tweeting?

Consider this:

No matter what type of business you’re in, a percentage of your customer base is active on Twitter. In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to engage with your customers and potential customers wherever they spend time.

Using Twitter for Relationship and Reputation Management

47% of social media users actively seek customer service through social channels. They are using Twitter to vent about bad customer service, faulty products, unprofessional behavior and every kind of complaint you can think of. Smart companies are monitoring Twitter for mentions of their brand so they can respond to these complaints before they spiral out of control.

People also use Twitter for kudos and for making recommendations. If you’re not participating, you’re unaware of both the smackdowns and the high fives.

With more and more news sources, bloggers and consumer advocates recommending that people take their complaints to Twitter, your business needs to be proactive. Create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one, build a positive reputation there by engaging with your target audience and begin monitoring for all mentions of your business.

Thank people for their tweets, and immediately respond to both positive and negative tweets. Don’t be defensive! Don’t correct people, don’t argue. If someone posts a negative comment about your business, give them a phone number or email address they can use to give you the details about what happened. Then resolve the issue offline as quickly as possible while thanking them publicly for bringing it to your attention. Anyone watching will see that you’re responsive and that you care. Plus it’s an opportunity to turn an unhappy complainer into a fan. The more honest and gracious you are publicly, the more social points you score and the more responsive you are offline, you may be able to avert a social media disaster.

Some Tips FROM Twitter:

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