How To Get Your Customers To Tell You What They WantWhen it comes to our customers, we need to know what they want to give them what they want and need to help them solve their needs and goals, but sometimes it’s hard for them to tell us exactly what those needs and goals are. You have to find a better way to connect with them so that you can get them to really think about what they want and need, and then get them to effectively share that information with you so you can meet their needs.

Ask Short Questions

Short questions are one way to get the right information you need to answer your customer’s needs effectively. Often, when dealing with customers, especially new customers, you may be asking what you think are simple questions, but when customers aren’t familiar with your products, the questions may actually seem complex to them. For example, you may ask a question about a product that actually includes facts about a product that aren’t familiar to them, so it makes the product seem more complex than it is, and the customer simply doesn’t understand the statement.

How to Ask Short Questions

It might seem like an oxymoron, but by asking shorter questions, you’re more likely to get longer answers. Try asking your customers short questions like, why do you need help with this? or Can you tell me about this again? The shorter the question, the more likely it is your customer will open up to you, while the more complex the question, the more likely it is they will shut down. Follow up with another short question, to keep the dialogue open and flowing, and they’ll reveal more information to help you help them.

What You Need to Remember

First, ask them an easy question that you know they can answer, and then follow up by asking for another example. Follow up with another question like “Why?” or “How?” Just keep them talking so that you can get as much information as possible. You have to practice being a good listener so that you can concentrate on getting as much information as possible. Next, make sure you don’t keep asking the same questions over and over. Instead, concentrate on one item they shared, and concentrate on that single item.

Short answers are the key to getting high-quality information from your customers that can help you gain more sales. It can help you learn more about your customers, and that can lead to more sales and better profits for your business.

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