Want More Customer Reviews Then Ask for ThemGetting customers to review your business may not be as difficult as you think. I’ve encountered many simple, effective approaches that all boil down to the same thing: Ask for them.

Surprisingly, there are many different ways you can ask.

  • Once, when I ordered something online, it arrived with a little slip of paper that said something along the lines of: “Thank you for your purchase. If you are happy with it, please leave a review at (url of your profile page on review service of choice).
  • An auto shop was even more to the point. I told the mechanic I found him through a review service and asked if he could do an oil change within a certain amount of time. He said he could, he did and he charged a reasonable price. After I paid him, he said that if I could write a review about his service, he’d appreciate it.
  • Include links on your email signature, websites and blogs to your preferred review service. A simple line, such as: “Tell us how we’re doing! Review us on [review service].” And then link to your profile so your customers don’t have to search for you.

And if a customer does write a review — particularly a positive, thoughtful one — don’t forget to thank them. When my mechanic encountered a new client and asked her how she found out about him, she mentioned my review, where I wrote that he was honest, fair and communicative. When I saw him again, he told me about the new client and thanked me. I was really pleased to hear that something I wrote had helped. The whole experience was a very positive one. And it started with a simple question.

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