Using video blogs to promote your business and products has gotten much easier with the advent of special video blog software. Many applications are available that allow you to quickly shoot video, and post it to social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. Here are some of the best tools to help you create your own video blogs quickly and easily.

Windows Live Essentials

First is Windows Live Essentials, which is a set of 11 different applications (apps) that allow you to record video, add graphics and music, and then upload  to the Internet. The videos in this app are saved as Windows Media files, which are common across the web. The best thing about Windows Live Essentials is that it’s free.

Apple iLife 2011

Next is Apple iLife 2011. This offering from Apple allows you to shoot and edit video, including animations and transitions that make videos look very professional. The software saves video as QuickTime files, and you can post them on YouTube or Vimeo. Cost: $49.

PowerDirector 9 Ultra

PowerDirector is a strong application that has more special effects and templates than the competitors do. It allows you to post directly to Facebook and YouTube, and export to other locations in many different formats. This is a 64-bit application and does require a beefy PC to run. PowerDirector costs $99.95.

Revver, PHP My VideoBlog

If you have a WordPress blog, there are several apps that allow you to upload videos directly to your blog. Revver is a program that works with your WP dashboard. It allows followers to make video comments, too. Revver is free. Another popular program for WordPress is PHP MyVideoBlog. You can publish your own videos and you can also publish videos from other providers. MyVideoBlog costs $33.90.

All of these programs can make it easy for you to get video online to promote your business. Make sure that the quality of your video is a good match to the quality of your message. Even the best message can be dismissed if the video quality is poor. And the reverse is also true; great video quality won’t save a lame message.

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