At some point, we’ve all missed out on getting the business of a potential customer. Sometimes, our competition was able to outmaneuver and underprice us. But it’s the sales we lose because of our failure to act that eat at us though, knowing we had the sale if only we’d made the call. Perhaps the worst offender is the sale we fought for and won, yet didn’t close because we couldn’t find our notes. This is when uncluttering the office is critical for uncovering hidden sales.

Uncluttering the office desks

When you’re in the middle of your busiest season, does your desk ever look like a paperwork bomb hit it? What about your employee desks? While it isn’t ideal to invite customers into a messy space, it’s often still possible to get the job done with a bit of clutter around. In fact, some people actually function better with all their work on their desk because they know right where everything is.

The problem is that not everyone else in the office may know someone else’s pile system and can leave customer notes in a place where it will never be seen again. Uncluttering the office desks can be a bit of a challenge when you don’t want to mess with everyone’s individual workflow; however, it is possible.

Instituting a universal filing system of the office is one way to accomplish this. Give everyone a red (or whatever color you like) file folder for them to keep on their desk or a specific drawer. Using the same system for all employees will allow sales paperwork, client messages or expiring promotions to be easily accessible for everyone, eliminating lost sales orders.

Uncluttering the office email

Uncluttering the office to uncover sales doesn’t necessarily stop at the physical clutter. Having hundreds of emails in your inbox can be just as troublesome as hundreds of papers on the desk. If you like to hang onto emails for documentation purposes, you may be overlooking the messages about pending sales.

Fixing this potential problem takes a little bit of preparation and maintenance, but is well worth it. Your best plan of attack is to create several folders within your inbox for:

  • Each client
  • Internal communications
  • Vendors.

As you know, email folders can also grow cluttered over time, so create several subfolders for things like:

  • Archives
  • Customer service issues
  • Miscellaneous communication
  • Pending sales.

In order to keep your email system uncluttered, set a recurring appointment in your calendar to clean out your folders and archive old messages you need to keep. This will ensure you don’t let pending business fall to the wayside or let outdated messages take up space.

Even though uncluttering the office – physically and electronically – can be a big task when you first start, spending as little as a half hour a day setting up your new system can pay big dividends when it helps you uncover sales you forgot you had.

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