February job statistics offered some good news for small businesses, as owners of smaller companies in the country added 45,000 workers in February, according to a survey by Intuit, a payroll processing firm.
On top of the addition of workers, the survey showed small businesses were offering workers slightly higher salaries. The increase wasn’t as large as the gain of 55,000 jobs in January, however.
A more comprehensive jobs report from the government is expected to indicate that nonfarm payrolls were 210,000 higher in February, following an increase of 243,000 in January. That would make three straight months of gains in jobs for small businesses, and an overall unemployment rate at a three-year low of 8.3 percent.
Intuit based its survey on information from approximately 72,000 small companies – those with less than 20 workers – using the company’s online payroll system. The survey showed that monthly income for workers in small businesses edged up 0.2 percent – nearly $4 – in February. The average employee in the study earned $2,682 a month for a work week that averaged 25 hours.



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