Twitter is becoming a very popular tool for marketing, and applications (apps) are coming out that can really help you with your marketing research on Twitter and other social networking sites. Here are some of the newest tools to help you research your marketing to your customers and against your competition.

  • – This tool resembles the search engine Google, but it’s devoted exclusively to Twitter. You enter your search terms, and the engine will hand you every public conversation that’s happening on Twitter right then that has those search terms. There are over 200 million people using Twitter, so you have a huge audience all around the world. You can search for your business, or your competition, and get up-to-the-minute results. You can engage these people and find out what they think about your products and services, and you can follow them, as well.
  • Twitter Grader – Here, you can see the ranking of the top Twitter people by their geographic location. This helps you locate people in your area who are extremely influential on Twitter. The tool ranks people by how many followers they have, how many people they follow, and how many conversations they have.
  • – A tool that can index comments and dialogue on Twitter, but also on blogs, media, and social networks. You can find out what buzz your business is generating, and check out your competition, too. You can also see reviews of your products and see conversations about your goods and services. This is an extremely useful tool if you sell products online and want to know what your customers think about those products.
  • – Many tweets include links to products or websites, and Backtweets can search your brand or your competition to tell you who’s talking about you and linking to your website. However, most users post URL shorteners when they tweet, in part to save on characters. Backtweets crawls those shorteners and looks to see what the real website is, and gives you this information. This is extremely helpful for a couple of reasons. First, it will show you an extremely accurate illustration of the numbers, thoughts, and conversations about your website. Second, it shows you who is talking about you and supporting your business.
  • – Think of this as the “yellow pages” for Twitter. Twellow is a large, very detailed business directory of businesses using Twitter. For now, it covers North America and parts of Europe and Australia. You can use it to search for different cities and regions and locate the Twitter followers in those areas. You can also search it by geographic region, keyword, or words in user’s biographies. It’s a great way to find people in your area and with your interests to follow.

These five marketing research Twitter tools can help you grow your business and see how effective your social networking marketing campaign is.

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