As more people have discovered the usefulness of search engines in recent years, many have feared the slow decline of the Yellow Pages. However, a recent study from the Local Search Association, the most trusted organization of print, digital, mobile, and social media, shows that eight out of ten consumers use Yellow Pages over other sources to find local businesses. The study also found that not only do consumers view the Yellow Pages as the most reliable source for local businesses and services, but they also look to this source to make the most informed purchasing decision.1 Here are some reasons that consumers trust the Yellow Pages so much:

Yellow Pages Offer Permission-based Marketing

One of the main reasons that consumers trust the Yellow Pages over other types of media is that Yellow Pages offer permission-based marketing. Unlike most other media that rely on repetition and recognition in hopes that consumers will think of them at the point of purchase, Yellow Pages allow consumers to turn to them for specific brands and information to make the most informed decision possible.

Yellow Pages Offer Targeted Solutions

Another reason that customers rely on the Yellow Pages is that they can find pertinent information about a certain product or service without spending countless hours browsing websites that may not even have the product they want. Additionally, Yellow Pages are available both in print and online, which means they appeal to consumers who prefer both types of media.

Yellow Pages Reach on-the-move Consumers

Research from the Local Search Association shows that, when people move, their household expenses can increase by as much as 200 percent.2 In fact, a study by CRM Associates in 2010 indicates that movers are 2.1 times more likely to use the Yellow Pages as non-movers are. In addition, during this critical period, consumers need specific services and products and may be unfamiliar with their new area. Reaching these active consumers within seven to ten days of their new telephone connection is the best time for local business owners to provide them with everything they need.

Yellow Pages are the perfect solution for consumers looking to make a purchase, since this media allows them to seek reliable services and products from local business owners. Even as print media in general has declined somewhat in recent years, a study from the Local Search Association has proven that the Yellow Pages remain the most reliable and trusted source of information for 84 percent of consumers who want to find a local business.3

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