Track Performance of Your Business Page With Facebook InsightsAs the administrator of a Facebook page for your business, you get a dashboard that shows the activity on your page in charts that are easy to understand and updated daily.  The service is called Facebook Insights and it’s free.
Look for the Insights link on the left when you log on to Facebook or after you click “Edit Page.” You’ll come to a page divided into two main sections, User and Interactions. Under Users you can track counts of:
  • Active users, meaning anybody who viewed or clicked on content on your page, by day, week or month.
  • Types of user actions: page views, post views, post likes, comments on a post, and posts to the wall.
  • New Likes and Unlikes.
  • Demographics of users: gender, age, city, country, language.
  • Page views; both the overall views of your page and the views to any tab within the page, as well as views to video, audio and images.
  • Top external referrers, the sites that sent traffic to your page.

Under Interactions you can track counts of:

  • Daily story feedback: Likes, Comments and Unsubscribes to your posts to your Wall.
  • Post views and feedback percentage, a ratio of likes and comments compared to number of views.
  • Activity on your page by people who like your page: writing on your Wall, posting images or mentioning your page in updates to their Wall.

For each category, you can set a date range to filter your view of the charts.

So what can you do with this data?

  • See whether your content is generating activity and interest. In general, that means all the lines on the chart trending upward, but also measuring whether your audience is passively viewing or joining in on the conversations you hope to start.
  • See what kinds of content generate activity. If your users get excited by polls or appreciate news items, you can tell by the numbers of Likes and comments. If your Unlikes for your page go up after you published certain kinds of content, users may be telling you that your page isn’t holding their interest. Clicks on tabs are also clues: Do users go for the Coupons tab and ignore the rest?
  • Judge the success of marketing efforts in driving new users to your Facebook business page by tracking activity on the page during a marketing campaign.

Besides viewing the data online, you can also download it to an Excel sheet. Facebook also sends summaries of Insights data by email. Other sections of Insights track Facebook activity on your business’s website if you integrated Facebook (for instance, by displaying Like buttons on your site). Insights will also track activity in the apps that you add to your page that were developed by third party vendors.

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