, an online resource for entrepreneurs, has analyzed five top technology trends as well as providing a breakdown of how each of these leading technologies of tomorrow affects small business owners.

1. Apple v. Samsung

Samsung’s recent legal loss to Apple over iPhone-related patent violations will have widespread implications for Samsung phone users. Owning and using a Samsung phone will likely become more expensive because the company will owe Apple royalties for some of its features. Samsung will either pass the charges on to customers or do away with some of its easy-to-use features.

2. Quora

This new question-and-answer database, created by two former Facebook employees, combines Wikipedia-like knowledge with a set up similar to Facebook’s “News Feed” algorithm. By jumping on this trend early, business owners can take advantage of the technology for everything from market research to finding ideas of what to talk about on their websites.

3. Square Launches New Pricing Structure

Square, the leader in mobile credit card processing for start-ups and small businesses, currently charges 2.75% for each swipe transaction. However, Square is planning to introduce a $275 flat monthly fee with no per-transaction cost. Although this means that businesses would have to process more than $10,000 of credit card transactions each month to make up for the fee, the flat rate could still be a great deal for businesses fielding large numbers of credit card transactions.

4. eFax Launches App for Word 2013

eFax is introducing its first online app for faxing with Microsoft Word 2013, and it’s both easy to buy and easy to use. For small business owners, the app is a time-saving device because it eliminates the current intermediary steps of printing and scanning.

5. A Facebook for Marketers: GraphEffect

Created as a means of facilitating interaction and sharing between marketing departments and organizations, GraphEffect is a social networking platform currently used only by major organizations like American Express, Toyota, and Samsung.  The good news for small business owners is that GraphEffect has announced that the groundbreaking collaboration tool will soon be open to the public.

Source:Top 5 Technology Events That Affect Small Business by” September 11, 2012.

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