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Tech Gadgets and Gizmos Premiering This Fall

By | 09.11.12
Tech Gadgets and Gizmos Premiering This Fall

With the way technology is helping businesses advance these days, it’s easy to see why companies are excited about what’s coming. Tech companies are consistently launching newer and better gadgets. Over the next three months, some of their most highly-anticipated gadgets will be presented. Here’s a brief overview of what you should expect.

iPhone 5

On September 12th, the new iPhone, the iPhone 5, is expected to be revealed. It should then be released in stores by September 21st. iPhone users anticipate that this new design will be thinner and faster, plus it comes with a larger screen. Any consumers following Apple knows that shortly after the unveiling of the iPhone 5, the next gadget to be introduced is the iPad Mini, which will compete with a growing crop of 7-inch tablets on the market, most notably Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

Microsoft Windows Tablet

Apple isn’t the only company making strides in technology with competitive products. It is said that on October 26th, Microsoft will release their tablet, which will first run on the Windows RT operating system, then later on the Windows 8 system. The tablet will feature a built-in stand, cameras, and a cover that doubles as a keyboard. Another one of the most eagerly awaited technology products for Microsoft customers this year will be their radically designed Windows 8. It is a touch-enabled operating system that will be able to host many new PC gadgets, including tablets, touch-screen ultrabooks, wall screens, and table tops.

Kindle eReader

Amazon is a third tech company that is believed to be unveiling new products very soon as well. One of these products is the latest Kindle e-reader. This new version of the Kindle Fire is expected to be lighter and thinner, with a higher resolution. An anticipated change in aspect ratio would also make the device’s screen able to play high definition videos, without any black bars. So, what does all this mean for your small business?

As stated in one report, originally the introduction of technological gadgets was a consumer-led revolution, starting with cell phones and MP3 players. Today though, gadgets are increasingly being geared towards small businesses. You can now get your office emails on your cell phone, take advantage of the internet pretty much wherever you are, and promote your business with the help of apps and social media.

With the addition of useful apps, these gadgets are a practical addition to any business, helping them to enhance their image as a forward thinking company.

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