are you ready to take your sales to the next levelOne of the easiest ways to improve your sales is to improve your customer service. You may not realize it, but your customers may not be receiving the best customer service, and it may be happening right underneath your own nose.

If your customers aren’t happy, they won’t be coming back, and that can hurt your bottom line. That’s because it costs 6 to 8 times more to get a new customer than to keep an old one, and there’s a 12 percent higher profit margin with your existing customers. In addition, if your company keeps its existing customers, it will experience a 9 percent higher growth rate that another company that doesn’t. When your customers leave your business satisfied they have the potential to tell at least ten people then know, and that can spread like wildfire. The same is true if they aren’t happy, too.

Here are some ways to take your sales to the next level by improving your customer service.

  • First, start out by treating your employees well. If your employees aren’t happy, your customers will know it, and that will transfer right to the customers.
  • Make sure your employees know all the company news and that they feel like they are valued and informed. Don’t let news leak before the employees know it.
  • Allow the employees to make informed decisions without having to call in a manager.
  • Empower your employees to change how they view your customers. They should think of them as multi-million dollar businesses and treat them as such.
  • Since your employees are the only contact your customer has with your company, you should reward them when they come up with new ideas, and you should embrace those new ideas.
  • One of the best ways to empower your employees is to recognize and reward each other. Managers need praise from employees as much as employees do. You can encourage peer-to-peer recognition for helping each other, as well as helping customers, as well.
  • Encourage your employees to seek innovation throughout the organization. Ask your employees to study your competitors to find out what they do that’s better than what you do. They might see things that you and your managers don’t.
  • Consistently seek out and act on customer feedback. You can certainly do customer surveys, but an even better idea is to keep one employee constantly online looking for positive and negative comments about your company. You should react to these comments as soon as possible, and never in a defensive manner.

Use these tips to take your sales to the next level, and your sales should climb through the roof!

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