Small businesses are raking in savings on time – and money – by creating their own do-it-yourself mobile apps. Even better, some small businesses are now encouraging employee ingenuity by promoting the creation of DIY apps targeted to find specific business solutions for today’s online and mobile shoppers. DIY apps are also being created by small business employees and owners to find time saving solutions for record keeping purposes.

A survey released by AT&T in March 2011 revealed that apps are increasingly becoming vital tools for small businesses: approximately 70 percent of small businesses took advantage of mobile apps, and close to 40% of polled small businesses reported that it would be difficult to survive without apps.

How much money and time have small businesses been saving on apps? Rachael King of Bloomberg Businessweek sums of the amount of small business app savings with these figures from a Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council report:

  • Small business owners save an average of 5.6 hours of work a week through mobile apps.
  • Small businesses owners as a whole are saving an estimated 373.8 million hours of their time, and 725.3 million hours of employee time with the use of mobile apps.
  • The mobile apps in time savings add up to approximately $17.6 billion a year for small businesses.

While mobile apps can add up to a huge savings in time and money for small businesses, DIY apps can add up to an even greater savings. Professional app developers can charge tens of thousands of dollars to create business specific apps – and new apps can take months to develop. But now, small businesses can take advantage of DIY app builders to create their own apps for little to no charge – and the apps can be built in a matter of hours.

One such DIY app builder program is available through Appsbar. Currently, Appsbar boasts a 60,000 and growing member community and reported a huge increase in app usage for 2011. Appsbar also reports that apps which are dynamic and personalized – offering access to videos, social networking and online catalogs/coupons – are the most popular.

Small businesses who are interested in DIY apps though should stick with a professional DIY app building program like Appsbar to make sure the apps are bug-free for users. To take advantage of DIY app builders, businesses only need to have access to an Internet connection to build the app. The one caveat is that apps created through free DIY app builders often cannot be sold or marketed in the future. Instead, these helpful DIY apps can only be used for business purposes.


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