Are Your Public Speaking Skills Helping Your Business?Some people are born with the innate ability to persuade or inspire the masses simply by saying a few words. Others must spend countless hours practicing what they’ll say to achieve a fraction of the results. Regardless of whether you’re a natural public speaker or you could use some polish, your public speaking skills could be helping your business’s bottom line.

Using public speaking skills at events

If you have any level of public speaking skills and you aren’t using them to get the word out about your business, you could be losing out on vital marketing opportunities. It doesn’t matter what your company does or what industry you’re in, there are countless speaking opportunities you could be overlooking without realizing it. These can include:

  • Chamber of commerce or rotary club events
  • Keynote addresses at tradeshows
  • Speeches at charity fundraisers.

While it may seem like a waste of valuable time to accept – or seek out – speaking engagements at events that aren’t tied to your business or industry, it can be more beneficial than you realize. The more you utilize your public speaking skills, the better you’ll become. You may also make a name for yourself as a public speaker. Once this happens, you’ll be able to begin reaching a larger audience, an audience that may be part of your business’s target market.

Using public speaking skills within your business

If your business can’t spare you to go on a speaking tour just yet, you can still take advantage of your public speaking skills during the regular work week. You could invite your existing customers to an event in your office where you’ll provide training or enhanced information on an area of importance to your industry. For instance, the owner of a growing bakery might invite customers to a lecture on the need for gluten-free foods or a demonstration of how to create perfect cupcakes every time.

This strategy can still work even when your client base is spread across the country. In this case, hosting an interactive Internet webinar can achieve many of the same results.

Polishing public speaking skills

It’s critical to polish your public speaking skills before you begin speaking at events. While a moving speech can provide excellent PR for your business, a speech full of “ums” and “uhs” can cast your business in a negative light. Consider recording yourself talking so you can hear any uncomfortable pauses or bad habits you may have. Practicing your speech in front of a trusted friend or colleague can also help.

Remember, anyone can develop the ability to deliver moving speeches. Why not learn to use your public speaking skills to enhance your business’s image?

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