A recent survey conducted by Paychex, a human resource and payroll provider, has revealed a dramatic increase in mobile apps use and dependency by small business owners. Participants in the study reveal the growing trend of mobile app usage by small business owners, and the study underscores the importance of growing mobile app technologies for small business applications.

A few notable conclusions from the study:

78% of study participants revealed they believed mobile apps save them time. Of those participants, 100% of single person businesses reported saving time with mobile apps, 88% of 2 to 5 employee businesses reported saving time with mobile apps and 74% of 10-plus employee small businesses reported saving time with mobile apps. The lowest segment which reported saving time with mobile apps was the 6 to 10 employee small business segment with 65% reporting a time savings.

Additionally, the report showed an estimated 5.6 hours of time savings per employer with the use of mobile apps and an 11.33 employee time savings with mobile app usage. Together, the total amount of time saved through the use of mobile apps per year, for a small business with employees, can add up to well over 800 hours.

Even more revealing, was that half of the study’s participants reported that they could not survive without mobile technologies – or that they would have to initiate dramatic changes to their business to survive without it. In addition to mobile apps, 42% of business owners reported that they use their mobile device as their primary contact business number and 54% stated they check their email multiple times a day through their mobile device as well.

Another study conducted in March of 2011 by AT&T revealed the rapidly growing mobile app trend. In AT&T’s study, 38% of small businesses reported that they could not survive without mobile apps while 72% reported that mobile apps were used for the business.

AT&T’s study also showed that 40% of small businesses indicated that their employees used wireless mobile technologies to telecommute – which is a large increase from the 24% who reported the same in 2008.

The use of mobile app technologies in small businesses are predicted to continue to experience growth in the near future.


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