One of the many ways in which Yellow Pages publishers have made it easier than ever for consumers to reduce their carbon footprints is by showing consumers how to recycle outdated print directories. Following are a few ways that the Yellow Pages industry makes recycling old phone books both simple and effective:

Promoting Local Recycling Programs

SuperMedia is not only one of the major Yellow Pages publishers in the industry, but the company is also one of the first to take multiple steps to promote directory recycling. Here are some of the specific ways that SuperMedia makes it easy to recycle its directories:

  • The biodegradable ink present in all portions of print directories is environmentally sound, which facilitates the recycling process.
  • Manufacturers can recycle directory distribution bags and use them to make wood fiber products for decking and fencing.
  • SuperMedia sells salvaged materials to companies who recycle them into new products.
  • SuperMedia recycles all applicable products at its own facilities.
  • Many Verizon Yellow Pages directories include a recycling guide, which provides consumers with information about how and where to recycle old directories.

Tips for Recycling Outdated Print Directories

Following are a few tips that can make recycling directories as simple as possible:

  • Check your local directory for information about recycling; this is usually located in the front or back of the directory.
  • If your community offers curbside recycling, you can typically take your Yellow Pages directories to the recycling bin.
  • If curbside recycling is not an option where you live, it is a good idea to visit the website for your county’s solid waste department, since it can provide you with local recycling information.
  • Contact your Yellow Pages publishers for information about recycling drop-off locations for directories.
  • Visit the National Recycling Coalition’s website at for detailed information about recycling various products.

When it comes to promoting a more eco-friendly society, Yellow Pages publishers have taken many steps to show consumers how and where to recycle outdated phone directories and reduce the amount of waste that these directories generate. As the first true search engine, the Yellow Pages have evolved into environmentally sound materials that remain popular even in a digital age.

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