Analytics ToolsA few weeks ago I wrote a guide for social analytic tools that were natively built into major social networks.  Most of these social networks come with great analytics out of the box, but sometimes you just want a little bit more out of them. Here are some third party alternatives that will help make your social analytic life easier and more insightful.

True Social Metrics

The first tool on the list is True Social Metrics.  This tool is great because it focuses on metrics that actually matter in social.  It reports on your conversation rate which is determined by number of replies on your post.  Amplification rate calculates the number of re-shares on your post.  Applause rate calculates the number of likes, +1’s, or favorites on your post.  True Social Metrics allows you to link your Twitter, Google+, Blog, YouTube, and Pinterest account in one dashboard, making it an easy way to check on all your social accounts at once.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured was founded just 2 years ago as a reporting service that imported hash tag keywords from Twitter and exported it into a spreadsheet.  It now provides professional social reporting for businesses.  They provide about a dozen free reports for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.  Free reports for Pinterest and LinkedIn appear to be in their product pipeline as well.  You can use their free reports by sharing their tool on a social network.  If you decide that you want a more robust solution, they have paid options as well.


Postacumen is a newly launched service geared toward analyzing your Facebook page performance against your competition.  They have developed their own scoring system called the PostAcumen Score.  The PostAcumen Score is an equation that puts a heavier weight on a share than on a like.  This could be a helpful metric if you wanted a high level analysis of how your posts are doing.  They also provide other reports such as post visualizer, engagement analysis, and content-type analysis.

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