Marketing today isn’t the same as it was even ten years ago, it’s changed completely. If you want your company to keep up, you must change your marketing strategies to keep up with your competitors, and make sure that you know how to do that effectively. Here are some tips for making sure you can manage your marketing in this new economy.

This isn’t your father’s economy, and it shouldn’t be your father’s marketing tactics. In the past, word-of-mouth and outside salespeople were probably all that your business needed to take care of your marketing, but today, that really isn’t the case. Today, you need to create a wide variety of sales approaches, based on the potential and dynamics of your customers. You need to determine these by analyzing your customers and your products, to see what they are buying, what sells the most, and how you can better serve your customers’ needs.

You must manage your sales force effectively, as well. In the old days, salespeople earned a commission on what they sold, and that worked perfectly. However, in today’s world, that’s not an effective strategy, because studies have shown that today’s salespeople are motivated by a lot more than just money. You must motivate them by creating a workplace that supports them in many other ways, and supports their creativity, their skills, and their growth in the workplace.

If you allow your sales force to train on the job, your marketing won’t be as effective, either. This may have worked in the past, but today, sales is a more complicated job, but today’s salespeople are more educated, and they need to be trained more effectively to help sell your products more efficiently.

Hiring by how you feel about the person. You may have hired this way in the past, but today, there are much more sophisticated hiring mechanisms, including testing and educational criteria, that can help you choose the right people with the right experience for your sales positions. You need professional salespeople that can get the right marketing for your products so your bottom line grows, not people that appeal to you, but might not appeal so much to your customers.

It’s not easy to manage a modern marketing staff, but you must move into the 21st century if you want your company to survive and thrive in this new economy. Hire innovative salespeople who can bring your company along and invent new and appealing sales techniques to help your company grow, and you’ll be fine in this new economy.

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