Networking your business is changing as we speak. Today, with all the new technologies, customers aren’t isolated individuals, but they are really customer networks, and to reach out to them, you need to understand their networked behavior.

Researchers indicate there are five core behaviors of networked uses on the web. They are accessing, engaging, customizing, connecting, and collaborating. If you understand and control these core behaviors, you can practice strategies that will produce the products and services that will ensure your business’ survival in the future. These strategies include:

Access. Make it easier for your customers to access your business. Your customers want to access information, data, content, and live interactions quickly and easily. Whether it’s from their smart phones, computers, or networked TVs, customers want it now, and want it all the time. If your business can supply it, it can be a real value for your customers. Think about big companies like Coke or Pepsi, who have presences on all kinds of media, and build your presence on all kinds of media, too.

Engage. Engage your networked customers with valued content they want to read. You can get new customers by creating content that they value, and entertains them, informs them or creates a need they have. Your content will need to stand out, so make it memorable, like a game, or something that will make your customers want to return for more.

Customize. Allow your customers to customize their content to meet their own unique interests. They aren’t looking for the same content as everyone else, they want unique content that meets their own interests and ideas. If you give them the tools to customize their services, produces and content, you’ll add value to their experience, and you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors and build loyal customers.

Connect. Your customers are sharing a part of themselves in their social media conversations, and if you connect with them, you can learn valuable insights into their ideas and thoughts. This can give you rich insights into their ideas about your products and services. You can create your own forums about your business and learn what your customers really think.

Collaborate. Ask your customers to help build up your business. They are often glad to help write computer software, design clothing, or elect candidates, and they can join with you to do these things. Create forums and platforms that allow your customers to collaborate with you, and you’ll boost profits and gain loyal customers.

Use these strategies to network your business with your customers, and create more loyal customers, too.

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