Networking your business may sound like an old-fashioned way to market your business, but it really can be the way to make sure your business stays on track and you reach new customers. Here are some tips to reach out to as many new potential clients as you can.

Hand out stacks of your business cards to friends, relatives, and your employees. Ask them to hand them out to all their friends and relatives, and recommend your business to as many people as the can.

Talk up your business to as many people as you possibly can. Chat with all the vendors that you buy products or services from, and give them your business card. Ask them if they can use your products, or recommend someone who can.

Join your local civic and professional groups, like the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Better Business Bureau. Always carry your business cards, and exchange them with members. Network with these members, and really listen to what they do. You’ll learn from their experience, and gains some customers, too.

Join professional groups that target your business area and the type of customers that frequent your business. If they have a website, make sure to add your business link and contact information.

Get as much free publicity as you can. Find something unusual about your business, and send out press releases about it to your local television and radio stations, along with newspapers, and magazines. Post your releases online with links to your websites, too.

Network with other people working in your area of expertise. Let them know that you’re available to help them with overloads, if they get too backed up. Never try to steal their customers, however, that can ruin your reputation.

Become a public speaker about your business or area of expertise. You can enlighten others about your services, and become an expert that others look to for information about what they need to know.

If you’re a minority- or woman-owned business, get certified by private, state, or federal organizations. Many purchasing agents have guides or quotas for the amounts of goods and services they must buy from these businesses.

Use these tips to help market your business more effectively through creative networking, and keep on the lookout for more profits as the result.

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