SuperMedia Top 10 Blog Articles 2012It’s the time of year when you look back and see where you’ve been to figure out what went right, what didn’t and where you’re going from here. Here are articles that resonated from the SuperMedia blog in 2012 by unique visits.

Top 10 Most Visited Blog Posts

These articles received the most unique pageviews in 2012. The topics ranged from social media to reputation management and SEO, but the most popular article of 2012 was about small business websites.

  1. 8 Things Every Small Business Website Needs in 2012 by Keith Brown
    Keith shared the 8 things that must be included on a small business website and fostered a great discussion.
  2. It Takes More Than a Facebook Page by Jonathan Jeter
    I wrote about my experience at a local restaurant and how a social media presence can’t make up for a poor customer experience.
  3. 5 Great Examples of Small Businesses Using Pinterest by Chris Goulet
    Chris showed us how the social media network, Pinterest, can be incorporated into a local marketing campaign.
  4. The Best Small Business Twitter Accounts by Chris Goulet
    Chris also showed us great examples of local marketing by small businesses using Twitter.
  5. 6 Good Ideas That Are Terrible for SEO by Steven Spaulding
    Steven exposed popular suggestions from designers and marketers that could have negative results on search engine traffic.
  6. Small Business Sectors That Are Currently Thriving in Today’s Economy
    Number 6 comes from our Local Marketing News blog and business sectors like sustainable building, personal health, solar energy and social gaming resonated with our readers.
  7. What is Google Plus? by Jonathan Jeter
    Google+ launched in 2012 and a basic description of Google’s social/SEO network offering was another popular topic.
  8. Is There ‘Free’ Advertising for Small Businesses? by Andy Shane
    Proving that people still want free stuff. Andy’s article on free advertising came in at number 8.
  9. How to Verify Your Website On Pinterest by Chris Goulet
    Social media articles were very popular in 2012, with half of our most visited articles covering social media networks.
  10. Is Your Business “In a Relationship” with Google? by Jonathan Jeter
    This introductory article gives instructions for a small business owner on how to create a Google account to participate in Google+ and all of Google’s other services.

And that’s a wrap. Many of our articles, including some on the Top 10 list, were promoted via paid social media, as well as organic social media promotion. Can marketing of an article make it more popular? Absolutely, but we have found that the top articles that really interest our audience continue to receive traffic and traffic increases over time. Whereas other promoted articles that are not as relevant typically lose traction very quickly after the promotion is finished.

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