Small Business Trends writer Ann Smarty recently looked at some of the analytics tools available to measure the impact of your marketing activity on Pinterest. In November 2012, Pinterest enabled business users to set up business-specific accounts (similar to Facebook brand pages), allowing small business owners to take advantage of the engaging visuals offered by this forum to better promote their brands. However, while Pinterest has been shown to be a great traffic source for small business owners in terms of social media outreach (the number of daily users at Pinterest has grown exponentially over the past year), there are still only a few tools out there that help business owners to measure that traffic as well as to gauge any related viral spread that might be boosting customer reach. Here are some analytics tools that have been specifically designed for Pinterest activity.

PinReach: This application gives you a good idea of which of your boards are gaining traction and popularity based on the number of repins, which can give you valuable insight into what is most attractive to your current following. You can also see what pins are most popular overall across the forum and what’s currently trending: information that can be useful in steering your own marketing efforts.

Pinalytics: This analytics tool allows you to pull your website Google Analytics data to determine how many visits stemmed from Pinterest, which page was pinned, who pinned it, and how many visits a particular pin resulted in. A great feature of this application is that you are able to make friends with random promoters, allowing you to better leverage this particular resource.

Reachli (Pinerly): This application allows you to compare the impact from various marketing campaigns. In addition, this tool tracks the time, day, and date of each campaign, making it much easier to pinpoint the most effective time to pin for your particular audience. This results in an insightful blueprint for how to most effectively market your brand via Pinterest.


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