Marketing Tips for ProfessionalsWhile some professionals may view marketing as taking you away from your real work, in reality, paying attention to it will give you an advantage over many in your profession who simply don’t bother. Here are 10 marketing tips that will give you a leg up on the competition.

  1. Craft a slogan for your business. You need a short, catchy message that can become the slogan for promoting your service. Focus on what you do best. This should be something that customers – and your employees — can easily remember and repeat.
  2. Hire passionate people. Nothing sinks a local business more quickly than having people who do not believe in the service you’re providing.
  3. Make your business website your brand central. Instead of merely conveying basics about your services, turn your site into the internet hub for your Facebook and Twitter pages as well as everything related to your business or brand. A well-designed website can help you rise above the competition.
  4. Differentiate with packaging of services. Consumers respond to smart packaging and services that provide good value. A well-designed bundle of services can help differentiate your business from your competition.  
  5. Get cozy with LinkedIn. This is the biggest site focused on professional networking. It can help you create connections, find new marketing ideas and build your brand. To promote yourself as an expert in your field, check out the LinkedIn groups in your industry.
  6. Build your brand by positioning your personal expertise. Carving a highly specialized niche makes it easier for people to find you. Become active in industry forums and groups and post informative comments on blog posts and Q&A sites.
  7. Create content that’s shareable. The better, more useful or entertaining your content is, the more people will want to share it. The best content includes tips, lists and eye-grabbing photos.
  8. Keep it professional. Your goal is to provide useful and credible information that elevates your business. Posting details of a personal or in-house nature is a waste of time.
  9. Focus on a few. There are too many social networking sites to try to keep track of them all. Use only the ones that make the most sense for your business.
  10. Be part of the conversation. Whenever and wherever you find people talking about your business, take the time to join in and answer or thank them. Reply to comments on your website, blog or Facebook page; answer emails.
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