How To Make The Most Out Of MobileIn a world that seems to go more and more mobile every day, catering to the 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (77 percent of the world population) through mobile advertising is essential, and it can help to know some of the most effective ways to reach these subscribers. One of these methods is a properly crafted and executed mobile advertising strategy, since mobile advertising helps to drive brand loyalty, encourage consumers to visit your storefront, enhance multichannel campaign efforts, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

Advertise through Texting

One of the easiest (and most effective) ways to reach the 237 million unique mobile subscribers in the United States is to market your business with SMS messaging. Some ways to make the most out of SMS is to send your customers mobile coupons and special sale alerts to drive them to your storefront. According to statistics from December 2009, consumers exchanged more than 4.1 billion text messages per day.

Make Use of the Mobile Web

As more consumers have access to devices such as smartphones and tablets that allow them to visit all their favorite retailers from just about any location, it has become more important than ever for local businesses to create mobile-friendly sites that encourage both engagement and purchasing decisions. It can also help to join the ranks of the Internet Yellow Pages, since studies have shown that local searches accounted for 13 percent of all Internet search activity as of March 2011. Additionally, Internet Yellow Pages and local search experienced 5.6 billion searches in 2010, a 15 percent growth increase since 2009.

Engage Consumers with Apps

As more people are purchasing smartphones that allow them to access all the online information they need through apps, taking advantage of this medium is necessary, since apps not only drive brand loyalty, but also help you get customers’ attention with special coupons and discounts exclusively for app users. As the saying goes, “there is an app for that.”

Mobile search activities are actively on the rise, and research states that 40 percent of mobile Internet users use their mobile phone to search for product information. In fact, a study by Microsoft revealed that four out of ten mobile Internet users conducted mobile searches at least once per day. However, remember that a well-rounded marketing campaign focuses on several different advertising methods. As Susan Stribling of Coca Cola North America states, “If you’re a smart marketer today, you have to be looking at all the different ways you can communicate with people—traditional, in-store, out-of-home, online, and mobile. You have to be tapping into all of the resources you have available.”

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