Marketing can become very expensive, especially if you’re a new business trying to get recognition in your community. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on an advertising campaign, you can create a low-cost ad campaign by using creative, attention-getting tricks and devices to get your message to the people. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Try using giveaways to get people interested in your products. If you have a pet shop, give away coupons for a free grooming, or a free collar to get people into your shop, or offer them something free after they make so many purchases in your shop.

Create news about your business. Have you hired a new employee, or are you selling a unique product line? Let the local news media know. Have you received an award, or national recognition? Toot your own horn. Also, hosting special events is a good way to get recognition. For example, host a local authors’ book signing event, or a local artists’ event, and gain publicity that way.

Offer a contest to get people excited about a product. People love to enter contests and win something for free, so offer something desirable for a prize, and promote the contest through press releases and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Another great way to gain positive exposure is to offer a product or service to a local charity for a raffle prize or for a fund raising event. This shows you’re involved in your community, and you’ll get a lot of exposure from the people who buy tickets and attend these events. Along with that, volunteering for community service at local charities is also a great way to give back to the community while you gain exposure for your business, too.

Offer coupons for your business. You can give them out on store counters, in door-to-door mail packets, at the library, or just about any place where there are people. People love to save money with coupons, and you’ll have the coupons themselves so you can track how successful your marketing efforts are.

Celebrate major holidays with special sales, which can drive in customer traffic and

drive up your sales, as well. However, celebrate some offbeat holidays, like National Yo-Yo Day, or National Ice Cream Day. Give away free items, offer special promotions, or have in-store celebrities and contests to promote these offbeat holidays.

These are just some of the ways you can create low-cost advertising for your business that will add to your store sales and bottom line.

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