If you have a small business, you may think you can’t afford to market it effectively, but that’s just not the case. Here are some tips that can help you market your business that won’t break the bank.

Look for streets with high foot traffic in your area, and ask businesses on those streets if you can advertise your business in there storefront windows. Offer to pay them a small fee to advertise in their window. You can also bring in a little revenue if you have great foot traffic in your area; offer some rental space in your window to other business owners.

When you see a slump in sales, try offering a once only deal. Send out an email or social networking offer that says, “Today only, I’m offering a special deal! Come in and say you saw it here, and you’ll get this very special deal.” Your customers will come in or call for the deal because they won’t want to miss out on the urgency of the deal. Just make sure the deal is good, so it doesn’t turn off your customers. If it’s not a real deal, it won’t cut it and you business will lose its integrity with your clientele.

Are the people you use for your business doing business with you? People like your accountant, attorney, electrician, doctor, housekeeper, personal trainer, daycare provider, dentist, hairdresser, etc, etc. They should all be doing business with you, or at least should know people who should be doing business with you. Ask these people for some good word-of-mouth about you, and to hand out business cards for you. Do they have their own newsletters? Ask them to mention you in their newsletters, and do the same for them.

If you offer any type of seminars or workshops, always charge at least a small fee. Any type of fee-paid event usually generates more members than free events, because it implies more value. People believe they will get more content when they pay, and they’ll have more commitment to attend the event when they pay. When you charge for an event, it makes you look like more of an expert, too.

Get your customers stimulated to help them relax and spend more. You know how realtors tell you to bake cookies or leave a candle burning when they’re showing a home? It’s the same thing. If you’re sending out a boring stock report, try a soothing color paper. Keep a batch of fresh-baked cookies by the cash register. Stimulating your customers makes your business memorable, that can keep them coming back for more of what you have to offer, and that can rock your bottom line.

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