Tips To Increase Website SalesYour website might be the most under-utilized member of your sales team. With the end of the year marching towards us, it can be easy to focus all your sales efforts on the men and women who bring in the sales, but coaching and motivating the sales force shouldn’t be your only revenue-increasing activity right now. If you want your website to perform just like your best salesperson, take advantage of these three tips to increase website sales.

Increase Website Sales Tip 1: Ask for the business

A common website problem too many businesses share is failure to ask for the business. If you have a business website, it’s no secret to your visitors that you’d like to sell them your product or service. You may have even designed a corporate website that attracts potential customers and makes them desperate for your product, yet instead of taking the order directly on the website, you provide a phone number to sales.

In order to increase website sales, the most effective strategy is to ask for the business and let customers place orders online. Chances are excellent that you’ve filled your sales team full of professionals who know how to get in front of buyers and maximize their orders. Turning them into glorified order takers wastes time and doesn’t keep skills sharp.

If you offer a product or service that requires in-depth personal communications, like investment sales, you can still increase website sales by allowing customers to set appointments online.

Increase Website Sales Tip 2: Optimize your website

Sales is a numbers game. It follows that the more eyes you get onto your sales pages, the more people will click the “Buy Now” button. Optimizing your website will help you get those eyes. You can accomplish this in two parts: design and content.

Your website design will have an effect on the number of sales it brings in. Consider two competing websites. The first website has a professional layout and makes everything from company information to product pricing easy to find. The second website uses loud colors and makes you feel like you’re on a scavenger hunt. Even if the price is higher, you’re more likely to purchase from the professional, easy to navigate site.

So are your customers.

From a content perspective, make your words attractive to buyers and search engines. Now is not the time to pull out your thesaurus to find eight ways to say “tutoring.” Repeated use of the same word is boring in creative writing, but it helps search engine crawlers understand how to index your page. Of course, this doesn’t mean to stuff your pages and corporate blog full of as many search terms as you know. Getting eyes on the page doesn’t mean anything if your content appears spammy, driving potential buyers to other sites.

Increase Website Sales Tip 3: Publicize your website

Although purchasing advertising spots on TV, radio and print can boost your exposure, there are simple methods you can use to increase website sales. These include:

  • Adding your web address to business cards
  • Changing your outgoing voice mail to include your URL
  • Listing it on your profile with professional associations, networking organizations and social media
  • Printing it on invoices and other print communication with customers.

If you’ll take the time to train your website just like you would any new member of the sales team, you can increase website sales or create a powerful new revenue stream.

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