Many small business owners worry about website design rather than what should actually be on the site. But smart small business owners consider creating engaging website content essential to a winning website. Being the savvy small business owner you are, you know that content is king.

The Reasons

The Custom Content Council and Roper Affairs found that more than half of consumers, 61%, say they feel better about brands that deliver custom content and, in turn, they are more likely to make purchases with these companies. They also found that 69% like when content marketing targets their interests.1

Not only are websites read by users and customers, remember, they are also read by search engines. With recent and ongoing updates to search engine algorithms, content of the highest editorial quality and relevance is stored and ranked by search engines first, drives traffic, improves organic search engine optimization and increases inbound links. These algorithms are looking for the most relevant, quality sites to display in search results so that users find the best information. So, it will pay off in the long run to make sure you have a content plan fleshed out.

Also, consider how easily you will be able to update your content. Frequently updating your site content makes you a trusted source of information, attracting social followers and repeat site visitors. The more opportunities you have to engage consumers with your business’ winning personality, the more likely they will convert.

Getting Started

Remember that content is not just the words on your site. It’s also the photos, videos and links that make a site fresh and interesting. Adding digital content like a photo or video to your posts can lengthen the time your content stays relevant by 16% and 9% respectively.2

Don’t be afraid to show off your industry expertise and highlight your company’s unique strengths. This will reinforce your brand and help differentiate you from your competitors. Marketing your business with valuable content online gives you a very strong web presence and gets you found.  You could even start a blog on your site if you feel comfortable sharing experiences, thoughts and can consistently update it.

Here are some tips to creating valuable content from Sonja Jefferson, content guru and founder of the Valuable Content agency in the United Kingdom.

  1. Set Goals – Really pinpoint what you want to achieve.
  2. Be Clear on What Your Content Will Be – Make sure that your content delivers the things that your customers and prospects are searching for. For example, if you own a landscaping company, people will look for the types of services you offer.
  3. Pick the Right Mix of Content Tools – You can choose from blogs, videos, tutorials, ebooks, photos, and the list goes on.
  4. Convert Interest Into Action – Don’t forget a call to action. If you don’t ask them to return, sign up for a newsletter, or receive more information—your time spent creating awesome content would be wasted.
  5. Consider an Editorial Calendar – Try to plan out, in advance, what topics you want to cover and when.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to draw interest on your website. Consider engaging content as the type of information you would want to see if you were your own customer.

Have you found other ways to create great content? Share your advice with us in our comment section; we’d love to hear from you.

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Sources: 1 – The Custom Content Council and Roper Affairs, 2011 2Black Box Social Media, 2012

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