How to Write Facebook Posts That Get Likes and CommentsWhen you update the Wall on your Facebook business page, the update also gets published to the Walls of your page followers. But Facebook pushes the updates up or down on their Walls depending on how many Likes, Comments and other interaction your post generates. No buzz and your post may never get noticed.  So plan every update as a conversation starter—and try some of these buzzworthy techniques:

Ask for likes and comments. Yes, it’s obvious but people like to be invited into the conversation, and a simple “Am I wrong? Leave a comment!” or “Like if you agree!” may be all it takes.

Ask open-ended questions. Intel’s Facebook page has pulled in thousands of comments with simple fill-in-the-blank posts like “Innovation is _________” .

Ask easily answered questions. True/false, yes/no or “what movie are you going to see this weekend?” —  it’s often effective to pose questions that don’t take a lot of typing (or thought) to answer.

Use “would”. A study by Buddy Media of what updates got the most Likes on 200 corporate Facebook pages found that questions phrased with a “would” topped the list. Seems Facebook users will click Like  in response to “would” as a way of saying “yes.”

Add images. Images not only grab attention but tend to inspire the Facebook crowd to add Comments and Likes. Images might include your shop, products, employees, customers or something unrelated to your business that you snapped because you found it remarkable. Bonus: Facebook gives extra weight to updates with images for positioning on the Walls of your fans.

Ask for images they already have. Photo contests or just “show us your…” questions do well on Facebook, especially if the images are the ones your fans 1) can grab right away and 2) want to show off. In other words, kids and pets.

Involve them in your business. Customers who like your business enough to like your business page should be treated like your inner circle. Give them the first word about a new product or new service. Ask them which lunch special sounds more appealing.

Write short. Posts under 80 characters get 27% more engagement than longer ones, Buddy says. The preceding sentence is 80 characters.

Be on the news. You can piggyback your posts on the latest buzzworthy news, with two caveats: 1) Stay away from items that might offend your customers and 2) don’t just publish a link to a news story, add your own comment or question.Actually, the events that get the most action on Facebook aren’t news events but holidays so don’t miss an opportunity for holiday posts.

Post a poll. You can easily publish a Facebook poll by clicking the Questions link at the top of your Wall and filling in some poll choices. With a poll, you might ask your clients to help you make some choices for your business about new products or services. Or you might ask about silly, random stuff just for giggles and to provoke Likes and Comments.

Respond to the responses. No matter which of these techniques you try, be sure to respond when fans post to your Wall. Not only does it encourage other fans to join in, but the back-and-forth, including your own comments, adds to the weighting of the post in setting its position on your fans’ Walls.

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