How to Use Facebook Tagging to Your AdvantageJust like you can tag friends in your Facebook updates, you can also tag businesses. This can be a helpful tool to the savvy local business owner — when you tag a business page in an update, that post will show up on both your Facebook page and theirs, if their settings allow it.

However, you should have a good reason to tag another business, otherwise your posts will look spammy.

Here are legitimate reasons for tagging  business:

  • You’re helping them — perhaps you’re promoting their giveaway or sharing their link.
  • You’re praising them. You can highlight other businesses that post smart Facebook updates. Be sure to tag them so readers can click through easily to the business’s Facebook page, and so the business knows you’re writing about them.
  • You’ve featured the business, such as in a blog post.

You may notice an increase in Likes to your page after tagging a business because you’ve just introduced yourself to all of their followers. But as mentioned before, don’t abuse this. If you’re constantly tagging another business, especially one with a large following, they may find you a nuisance and delete your posts.

Also, while tagging is easy enough, the tool can be finicky for business pages.

Here are some tips and warnings:

  • You can’t Like something as yourself and then tag it as your business. So Like the page as your business and write the post as your business too.
  • To tag the business, use the @ symbol and type the name. Facebook will recognize spaces so no need to leave them out. The name should appear as an option. Select it and it will hyperlink to the business’s Facebook page.How to Use Facebook Tagging to Your Advantage.2
  • Sometimes there is a lag between Liking a business and being able to tag them. It’s not uncommon for it to take up to two days for the business to appear as a tagging option.
  • Businesses cannot tag people, so if a business has set their page up as a personal profile page instead of a business page, you won’t be able to tag them.
  • Occasionally, your post may not appear on the business’s page after tagging. This is likely because the business has selected the Facebook option to disallow others’ posts — but not others’ comments — on their page. It’s also possible that Facebook assumed you were spam and placed your post in the business’s Hidden Posts section.
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