Here’s Part 4 in our series of posts on how to promote your Facebook Page in response to questions we received after our successful Facebook for small business webinar. Previous installments included best practices for promoting your Facebook page on websites/blogs/newsletters, email and LinkedIn.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Twitter

Twitter only allows you to link to one property on its page. In most instances, businesses link to their websites or blogs. But if you prefer to link to your Facebook Page, you can do that. You can also create wallpaper that touts your Facebook url, like Nordstrom did above. (Click through for a better look at their page.) Mashable also has a good example of this.

A company called Clickable Now at one time offered a service where you can make a background clickable. Many using it included a Facebook badge in their wallpaper and made that clickable. However, that company no longer exists. If you know of another company that offers a similar service, please tell us about it in the comments! As a side note, you’ll most likely have to pay to create clickable wallpaper.

One thing you can (and should) do: Tweet about your Facebook Page once in awhile. Not daily, but it doesn’t hurt once a month to say, “Like us on Twitter? Then Like us on Facebook!” And then include the link to your Facebook Page. If you post an interesting photo on Facebook, feel free to create a tweet around that as well.

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