More often than not, your customers don’t search for your Facebook business page on Facebook. Generally, customers become Facebook followers after they see a link to your Facebook page when they are not on  Facebook. That’s why it’s important to alert customers to your Facebook page wherever they may interact with you.

I covered different tactics for promoting your business in our webinar for small businesses. Due to popular requests, I’m going to break down each tactic I mentioned in a series of posts here, starting with how to promote your local business’s Facebook page on your website, blog or newsletter.

There are a few ways you can do this. The most common way is to place a Facebook button on your website/blog/newsletter that links to your Facebook business page. Of note: You’ve probably seen spiffy-looking customized Facebook logos around the web. Technically, Facebook doesn’t allow these. The screenshot below is from Facebook’s Logos & Trademarks page, displayed under the header ” ‘f’ logo” and the subhead “Usage.” It demonstrates which usages are allowed and which aren’t. Under the next subhead “Downloads,” there are official Facebook buttons that you can use in a variety of formats.

How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Website, Blog and Newsletter

Some prefer Facebook buttons with instructions, such as the one above, which says, “Find us on Facebook,” because it’s a direct call to action.

Remember to place your button “above the fold,” meaning, make the button visible when someone first lays eyes on whatever medium you’re using — don’t make them scroll down to see it.

Also, whatever button you choose, place it on all pages of your site or blog — not just the home page. Visitors don’t always enter your site through your home page. If someone links to a different page or a specific blog post, new viewers will see your site or blog for the first time through that page. If they don’t see a link to Facebook, then they won’t Like your page, and that’s a missed opportunity.

Another option is a Facebook plugin, which serves the same purpose as a button but highlights what’s happening on your Facebook business page. Some experts say plug-ins encourage more Likes than icons. Keep in mind, plugins require a little more technical finesse than buttons.

We use two different plugins on our various sites. On the Bridal Banter wedding blog, the Facepile plugin displays the viewer’s friends who follow your Facebook page if that viewer is logged into Facebook at the time.

How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Website, Blog and Newsletter2

You can also use the Activity Feed plugin, which displays the latest update.

How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Website, Blog and Newsletter3

You can find more options under Facebook’s Developers Social Plugins.

Lastly, if you blog, once in a while give a shout-out to your Facebook page.

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