How to Create a Simple Facebook Page for Your BusinessFacebook offers lots of free features that you can use to promote your business. And there have been some very recent changes just made that help small businesses even more. In other articles we’ll go into greater detail about those features; basically, the changes allows businesses to act more like people while on Facebook and to interact with customers better. Here’s how to create a basic business page that’s not tied to your personal Facebook profile.

Before you start

Until fairly recently, if you wanted a business page on Facebook, it had to be tied to your personal profile. Now you can maintain your privacy by creating a business page that is separate from your personal profile. This is especially helpful if you want to hand your Facebook duties to an employee as your business grows.

Before creating a Facebook page or any social media account, we recommend that you create a dedicated e-mail address for your social media accounts. Get one free at Gmail, Hotmail or other email provider and use it only to set up and receive correspondence from social media platforms.

Tip: Create a spreadsheet or Word document to keep track of all your business social media accounts, including passwords, user names and email addresses tied to the accounts.

Build your page

  • Go to Facebook’s website. If you already have a personal account, the site will recognize you and take you directly to your personal profile page. You want to set up a new page, so click on “Account” in the upper right corner and choose “Logout” from the drop-down menu. You will see Facebook’s main login page.
  • Click on “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business” just below the green Sign Up button.
  • You will see a selection of business-page types. We recommend you choose “Local business or place.” The new features on Facebook allow better communication with fans. Brand pages are for the Coca Colas and Nikes of the world that need to create official pages for their national and international products. Not sure? Don’t worry — you can edit your choice after the page is created and compare the features. We recommend “Local business” because it’s similar to what you see on local search sites such as DexKnows or Google Places.
  • Choose a business category from the pull-down menu and then complete the basic contact information. Click “Create Page.” Understand that you cannot edit the business category or name of your business after the page is created. The only way to fix mistakes in this part of the process is to delete the page and start over.
  • Choose “I do not have a Facebook account” and fill in the fields. If you choose “I have a Facebook account,” your new page will be tied to your personal profile. We’re bypassing your personal profile to keep it private and so you can allow others access later.
  • Type the security code, also called a “captcha,” and click OK.
  • Your Facebook business page is ready to be edited!
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