Add the Google plus button to your business websiteToday, the Google+ team launched a change to the +1 button that had been announced last week. Also, the Google badge is now available for all websites. Let’s explore what the changes are and how they affect small business websites.

+1 button functionality

Functionality has been added to the +1 button to make it easier to share content. From now on, when a visitor clicks the +1 button on your site or in the search results, they will immediately have the option to share the page, as well. This should increase the number of shares, since the new functionality makes it so easy to do. Google provides instructions on how to create a plus one button on your own website. Once the plus one button is in place, any changes made by Google will automatically go into effect as Google rolls out updates.

Google+ badges

Along with code for the +1 button, Google also provides code that allows you to create a Google+ “follow me” badge for your site. There is also code available to create a badge for your personal profile, but as a business, you most likely will want to promote your business page, as opposed to your personal Google plus profile.

Google has also provided a detailed style guide for promoting your Google+ pages, as well as for how to use Google+ logos and promotional materials.

Google+ follow option

Additionally, a “follow” button has been added to the Google+ badges, to allow your site visitors to easily add your page or profile to their “follow” circle automatically. Clicking the follow button also gives the user the option to add you to other circles they have already created or to create a new circle.

In short, the new Google+ button features make it easier to connect with your site visitors on Google+ and for you to promote your Google+ properties on your own site. This functionality is not only useful because of the social media aspect of Google plus, but also has SEO implications because of the extensive use of Google+ in Google’s search plus your world.

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