As more consumers look for ways to go green with various aspects of their lives, SuperMedia has also taken on this initiative by conserving natural resources and reducing its impact on the environment. Here are a few ways that SuperMedia is promoting environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly products:

SuperMedia Uses Recycled Paper

One of the main ways that SuperMedia is helping the environment involves printing directories on paper that contains up to 40 percent post-consumer recycled fiber.1 When possible, SuperMedia obtains the remaining paper content from wood chips and pulp, both of which are waste products of the lumber industry. Additionally, SuperMedia purchases paper from vendors who demonstrate environmentally sound practices.

SuperMedia Reduces the Amount of Paper It Uses

Another way that SuperMedia is using eco-friendly production methods for Yellow Pages is by looking for ways to reduce the amount of paper it uses in its directories. Here are a few ways the company accomplishes this:

  • Promoting, its online local search engine
  • Providing directories on CDs for large businesses
  • Offering an online version of white pages
  • Adjusting the size of directories to use printing presses more efficiently and reduce waste
  • Reducing the paper weight in each directory
  • Using computerized systems that use directory space more efficiently to reduce paper consumption in directories
  • Managing paper inventory effectively to reduce unnecessary stock

SuperMedia Makes It Easy to Recycle

One final way that SuperMedia takes the initiative to create environmentally friendly products is by making its directories easy to recycle. Below are some details that highlight this initiative:

  • SuperMedia uses biodegradable, environmentally sound inks in its printers
  • There are many uses for recycled directories, such as eco-friendly cellulose insulation, animal bedding, compost, new paper, and packing materials
  • Manufacturers of wood fiber can recycle directory distribution bags and use them for decking and fencing
  • SuperMedia has designated recycling facilities and sells salvaged materials to companies who create new products with these
  • Directories include a recycling guide that provides information regarding how to recycle them properly

As more consumers take steps to make their lifestyles greener, SuperMedia is also stepping up to the plate to not only create products by using eco-friendly production methods for Yellow Pages, but also by making these products easy for consumers to recycle.

1SuperMedia Environmental Sustainability

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