How To Gain Twitter Followers For Your Small BusinessThanks to social media, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to interact with their customers and prospects. They also possess the ability to create vibrant communities that generate brand ambassadors by making those same customers and prospects feel appreciated.

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms primarily because of its ease of use and easy integration with other online assets.

Here are some tips on how to reward your Twitter followers and grow your community.

Everybody Loves “Free”

By following your small business on Twitter, your customers have demonstrated a level of commitment to your brand. They have also exposed your brand to those within their social networks and increased your online presence which can help your business Web site rank higher in search engine results. In short, they’ve added value to your online marketing efforts and in most instances, they expect something in return for that loyalty.

One of the easiest ways to reward their loyalty is by offering them a freebie. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate give-away, but the more valuable the offer, the more goodwill you’ll build with your Twitter community.

You might also consider offering less valuable freebies on a more regular basis.

If your small business is a brick and mortar establishment, you might consider tweeting a “secret” word or phrase of the day. When the follower visits your business and repeats the word or phrase to an employee, he or she is rewarded with a free or discounted product or service.

Power to the People

Interaction is a two-way street and giving your followers control is a great way to build loyalty. You might consider simply ask your followers for suggestions on how to improve your products or services and then reward the follower with the best suggestion.

This is also a great way to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Follow Them Back

Following your followers is an easy way to build your community, monitor conversations about your brand and make your followers feel special. Commenting on their tweets, thanking them for positive tweets about your business, and retweeting them also makes your followers feel special and appreciated.

Inform and Entertain Your Followers

Your followers will appreciate learning fun and interesting facts about your business or industry. You can also tweet interesting tips, links to “how-to” articles and “Top 10” lists related to your small business.

Personalize You Tweets

Although the main focus should be on your business, it’s o.k. to occasionally include more personal tweets about yourself and the people within your organization.

From a purely business perspective, the fact that your son’s soccer team is playing in the state championship tournament may have little apparent value. But tweeting about it will humanize your company and make your followers feel more connected with you, and therefore, more connected with your business.

Just remember to limit tweets of a personal nature to a minimum. Your followers have neither the time nor the interest to read tweets about mundane events that aren’t relevant to them.

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