Webinar Guide - Tips for Developing a WebinarAs a business owner, you probably already know that webinars can be a highly effective tool for gaining visibility, generating leads for your business, and connecting with customers and prospects. However, as the saying goes, “god is in the details” with any effective marketing program, so it is important to follow some guidelines that can help you plan your next webinar.

Think of a Webinar as a Radio Show with Visual Aids

One of the first things to keep in mind when you develop your next webinar is that it should resemble more of a radio show with visual aids than a live presentation. For example, during a live presentation, your audience is sitting in front of you and everyone has a limited number of distractions. However, during a webinar, your audience members unfortunately have many more opportunities to divert their attention elsewhere. As a result, it is extremely important to focus on your voice inflection and visual aids, since these are your hooks for keeping everyone engaged.

Use More Visuals in Your Webinar

In the world of webinars, think pictures, not words, since the most important element of a meaningful webinar experience is the content on your screen. Research has proven that people cannot read and listen effectively at the same time, so the best way to keep everyone engaged is to use your screen to “suggest” your points visually instead of posting words on the screen.

Tell Stories during Your Webinar

Research has shown that people are naturally wired to learn by example and tend to apply the experiences of others to themselves. Telling stories in your webinar is a great way to educate your audience without boring them, and giving examples to bring each of your points to life can keep everyone engaged appropriately.

Intersperse Interactivity during Your Webinar

Few things are likely to bore your audience more quickly than listening to an endless number of facts without any interactivity. Asking survey questions and having a contest to give a prize to whoever answers a question the fastest can promote the competitive nature in people and encourage them to focus more deeply on your key points.

Add Some Humor to Your Webinar

Adding a bit of humor to your webinar can help to lift your tone and bring back any attention wanderers. Even if you are not a natural comedian, find a funny picture to help you make a point or a way to make fun of yourself nicely.

When it comes to developing your next webinar, following a few guidelines can help ensure your audience stays engaged and retains your points effectively. Keep in mind that keeping an online audience attentive is much more difficult than engaging a live audience, so sticking to these tips is integral.

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