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Build A Better Facebook Business Page

Build A Better Facebook Business Page

By | 07.19.10
Build A Better Facebook Business Page

No matter how large or small your business is, or what types of products or services you offer, having a Facebook business page has become a necessity if you want to remain competitive. Unfortunately, most business owners are unfamiliar with the platform’s commercial-use best practices. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook business page.

Facebook recently began offering “Top News” and “Most Recent” news feeds. The Most Recent news feed will show you real-time updates from everyone in your network.  However, Top News is the default view and the one you should focus on. Using your profile, Facebook determines what it deems are the most relevant updates and serves them up in real-time. However, Facebook will usually not overload users’ news feed with multiple updates from a single source.

Posting too much content at once will have the effect of placing your posts in competition with each other and your contacts will only see a portion of those posts.

Besides being ineffective, cluster posting tends to make your contacts feel that they’re being spammed. Remember that Facebook is a social site for building relationships. That means taking time each day to socialize with your contacts. And remember, people don’t care nearly as much about your particular products or services as they do about interesting and useful information. If your posts tie in to your offerings – great, but focusing on industry topics and trends is a much better way to build a loyal following.

Tagging is one of the most overlooked features of Facebook. Tagging your posts in Facebook is the equivalent of @replying in Twitter and is basically a way of telling the world “I endorse this person.” In Facebook, each update can have up to six tags.

Remember that people log on to Facebook not just to hear other peoples’ thoughts but also to express their own, so it’s important for you to give them a forum to be heard through your page. Besides, listening to your contacts should always be your first priority.

To solicit comments, you can also use your status to ask industry related questions.

Always ask your connections to comment on your updates. People like being asked their opinion, and comments and “likes” factor heavily in determining what is displayed in the Top News feeds. The more comments and likes your status update or post gets, the more exposure it will receive.

It’s also important that you create a community page for your business. Facebook recently made virtually everything on the Web “likeable”, with the result being that everything on the Web is now a Fan Page. If you haven’t created a Fan Page for your business, and a user puts it on their profile, it automatically becomes a Community Page which you cannot control. Community Pages are basically un-moderated wiki pages. By creating a Fan Page, you can retain control of your brand and send updates to all your fans’ news feeds.

Instead of a bland default page, be sure to create a custom fan page. You can use Facebook’s Static FBML app to combine HTML and Facebook Markup Language into your profile page. Under your Wall setting, choose the Default Landing Tab to build a custom landing page with the look and feel of your business Web site.

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