Quick question: How do people know you’re a serious business?

  • You have a logo and business cards?
  • You have a website?
  • All of your social pages are up and running?
  • You can email professional-looking invoices?
  • You’re on a bunch of online listings pages, like Google and Yelp?

Good start! Now. How do you give the impression that you’re a serious business that’s actually bigger than just you and your laptop or business van? This is where becoming a digital small business can change the way people view your company.

Let’s Level the Playing Field

For decades, large corporations had a leg up because they had access to tons of digital tools. They use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, payment processing services and a marketing team to do everything from send out emails to post to Facebook daily.

All of these resources help these businesses deliver a more modern appearance where today’s consumers look first: online. Today, any business can access these tools and go digital.

We created the 2021 Modern Small Business Playbook to level the playing field for small businesses who want to use modern tools and give a more professional appearance every time they interact with customers.

Whether you are not using any digital tools now, you use a few, or you’re completely digitally savvy, this Playbook has insider tipFonline scheds and a handy checklist to complete your digital transformation.

Throughout the digital playbook, you’ll discover tips such as how to:

  • Organize your customer database
  • Streamline email and text messaging communications
  • Utilize online scheduling
  • Generate more online reviews
  • Choose a software platform to help you do all of these things

You’ll also hear from small business owners who have made the switch to digital and completely overhauled their day-to-day operations and created a better experience for their customers.

Business owners, like Frankie Aguilera, of Servants Painters in Phoenix, Ariz., say using Thryv’s end-to-end customer experience platform makes a huge difference in how they’re perceived:

The benefits are making the customer feel like they are dealing with a professional who knows what they are doing.

Ready to get started? Visit Thryv’s 2021 Modern Small Business Playbook and download the Modern Small Business Checklist so can you complete your digital transformation. Want to see how Thryv can help? Schedule a free demo today.

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