How To Create Compelling Videos For Your BusinessAccording to comScore, 176 million U.S. consumers watched an average of 15.9 hours of online video this past May. That’s an enormous audience, but with an estimated 48 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, the question for most businesses is, “how do I get people to watch my video?

Here are some helpful tips to help you create compelling videos that get watched.

Consider Your Audience

Your audience is taking time out of their busy day to watch your video and they expect something in return. In addition to being informed, they also want to be engaged — they want to be entertained. Information that is imparted in an entertaining manner is far more likely to be retained and acted upon.

Consider the Subject

Before going through the trouble to create a video, ask whether or not your approach to the subject is well suited for the medium. The truth is, virtually any subject matter can be presented in an engaging manner provided you come at it from the right angle.

Brainstorm about new and creative ways to present the information and don’t underestimate the power of humor. Well executed humor has tremendous persuasive power.

Breathe Life into Your Video

Don’t bore your audience with static graphics, still images and stilted “talking heads”. Even slightly shaky, hand-held camerawork is more engaging than static shots from a tripod-mounted camera.

Even if your subject is highly technical and requires a lot of product shots or graphic images in order to adequately convey the information, your video should feature an on-camera presenter in order to make a human connection with your audience.

The Art of the Short Story

Think of your video as a short story with all the elements that implies. Good short stories typically include a protagonist (your prospect) an antagonist (the problem your product or service can solve) conflict between the two, and a resolution (ideally, the purchase of your product or service).

Remember that “short” is the operative word in “short story”. Your video should be no more than two to three minutes in length. This means keeping strictly to the story line.  If more time is required to adequately tell your story, break your video into segments that can be watched at the viewer’s convenience.

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