Many small businesses are taking advantage of the recently created Small Business Challenge™, a competition being sponsored by, which will award companies a share of $50,000 in cash and advertisements. The challenge is sponsored in conjunction with lonelybrand and CometAds, and it is a way for companies to compete for cash prizes, in order to create new jobs in the USA. The contest started on September 1st, and small businesses may enter through October 31st.

It’s reported that one week into the competition, the SMB Challenge already attracted nominations from a wide range of startup companies, including coffee houses, manufacturers, retailers, and specialty apparel designers. The challenge will reward the top three companies that show the most promise. Eligible small businesses can compete for $25k prize value, which is 1st place. The 2nd place prize is valued at $15k and the 3rd place prize is valued at $10k. The prizes are designed to help these small businesses with their marketing efforts, as well as helping to create new jobs in America.

Founder and CEO of, Maurice Lopes, states that “The Small Business Challenge is our way of safeguarding that small businesses, which provide value to the national economy, are not overlooked because of limited funding options. As we move into 2013, crowdfunding will open doors for more small businesses, but in the meantime, the Small Business Challenge is a way to support their growth right now.”

Each company that applies to the SMBChallenge is required to make a pitch for how it will help their business create more jobs in the U.S. To qualify, businesses must submit an application at and receive at least 100 votes from their supporters through social media and email campaigns. The three prize winners will be chosen by voters between November 2nd and 7th.
The contest is primarily aimed at supporting job creation through American small businesses.


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