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Derrick started his cleaning business in 2017, with his primary goals focusing on customer satisfaction, empowering his workforce and partnering with his community.

With a large number of clients and staff, effectively communicating was a challenge. He needed help to keep important details like appointments, invoices and communication organized. He also struggled with ensuring clients were paying their invoices in a timely manner.


Sales & Payments

Sending estimates and invoices directly through Thryv makes it easy for his clients to pay him immediately, eliminating the need for constant follow-up.

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Before Thryv, Derrick averaged 60 bookings per month, and now his calendar is full of more than 200 bookings per month.

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Staff Accounts

His staff has their own user login making it easy to manage their day and client conversations. Derrick has the full admin view of his staff so he can see all interactions with all clients.

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Due to the improvements in communication between his staff and clients, Derrick says Thryv has improved his workforce productivity rate by 250%

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Manage his staff and clients’ communication more effectively.
  • Trust his staff to manage their day and client interactions.
  • Improve his productivity and production rate by 250% last year.

Derrick now has the confidence that he and his staff can deliver an excellent client experience with the help of Thryv.

My entire staff uses Thryv from their smartphones because the scheduling feature makes it easy to stay organized.

Derrick Green | Green Tech Cleaning LLC

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